Everything you want from a good, healthy meal…

… With the convenience of grabbing a snack bar.


We created the Breakfast Lunch and Dinner bar because we thought to ourselves, why can't we eat a refreshing bar in the morning to help us wake up. Or a late night snack that doesn't keep us up. Bars should be for more than just afternoons and post-workouts.

Let’s face it, in a busy everyday life, we don’t always have the time to cook breakfast or stop for lunch. So we created a line of crunchy snack bars that are both VEGAN & GLUTEN-FREE

NO preservatives that do not belong in your food. NO bloating or upset stomachs. Just natural, savory flavors! Check the labels on BLD Bars — you'll be surprised how clean they are.

The ease of snacking inspired by Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Some healthy snack bars offer the nutrition that your body and brain needs, but we asked ourselves why they shouldn’t offer the delicious taste and culinary experience too? So we got rid of the usual vanilla, chocolate and peanut butter flavorings, to let the classic chip flavors of RANCH, BBQ, and LIME shine through.

Why are savory ingredients so important?

Eating artificially sweetened protein “candy” bars tricks your brain into thinking you’re eating sugar. Whether you eat one right when you wake up or right before you fall asleep, your body and brain associates the sweetness and flavors with a dessert. We intend to change your idea of what a snack bar should taste like.

Don’t let a boring diet stand in your way: Savor in delicious, healthy bars that you can eat at ANY time of the day with BLD Bar!