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Smoky BBQ

Energy Bars (12 Pack)
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The subtle BBQ sweetness and smoky satisfaction of a home-cooked meal. Bedtime hungries GONE.

Savory (real food) 27%
Sweet (dessert) 73%
Eat less sugar, you're already sweet 😉                   

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ever want convenience but just don't feel like something sweet? BLD bars are the perfect energy bars for when you're not craving sugar. Sustainable energy with flavors you can enjoy at any time of the day.

Athletes and adventurers have high energy demands. BLD Bars provide energy from multiple complex carbohydrate sources, as well as a healthy blend of vegan protein and healthy fats that help to slow the rate of digestion delivering sustained energy. This combination can help athletes push further and stay strong because they provide the necessar nutrients for hiking, camping and outdoor activities. We're even perfect for an office snack!

Absolutely! And since it tastes delicious to them, they don't even realize that it's also healthy too.

The short answer: DELICIOUS. But seriously, our bars are the perfect mix between sweet and salty AKA savory. We designed these to melt in your mouth but still have a nice crunch, almost like a rice crispy treat.

Honestly? Probably. Keep an eye out

Savory flavors means we didn't have to use crazy amounts of sugars or sweetners to make these. In addition, each box contains more protein than a dozen eggs but is vegan and contains no preservatives.

Yes, we made sure to use all gluten free and vegan ingredients so that your tummy is happy. Pea protein crisps and quinoa crisps are the heroes that help our bar do this.

The magic of BLD Bars is that you can eat these anytime. There's no sugar crash, just solid sustainable energy from whole foods. That means right when you wake up to right before bed!